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Beautiful backyard weddings

Beautiful backyard weddings are just a tipi away!

Sometimes the family backyard is the perfect place to celebrate your wedding day, and we’re here to tell you that your own property can be the most beautiful place in the world to be married. There are many reasons your backyard may be the perfect venue. These could range from important family members being unable to travel to, or enjoy a traditional wedding venue  due to health or limited mobility, to cost and budget reasons. But more than likely,  the backyard may just hold a very special place in your heart.

Well the good news is you don’t need a huge acreage property to host your dream tipi wedding. We’ve set up in the most humble of suburban backyards, and as long as you have a nice large flat grassed area that we can peg into, you’re good to go!

The benefits of a backyard wedding are many, importantly there are no curfews to worry about. You will have full creative control over your wedding day, style wise and timeline wise. Perhaps the best part, if you get a little cold or uncomfortable later in the day, you can sneak inside to get your cardi and slippers and continue partying the night away!

Not sure if your backyard is suitable? Email us with a photo and dimensions, we’ll let you know! 

Backyard wedding naked tipi

Dany & Elliott’s beautiful backyard wedding with Naked Tipi – Mudgeeraba.

Beautiful backyard wedding

Ali & Nick’s beautiful backyard wedding with Kata, Matting & Dance floor – Parkwood.

Beautiful backyard wedding currumbinJack & Taylor’s beautiful “surprise” backyard wedding. Long lunch for 60 guests continuing into the wee hours of the morning – Currumbin. Check out the Insta reel here =>    JACK & TAYLOR SURPRISE WEDDING


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